Google Ads Data Hub.

Google's Privacy-First Ad Data Matching Solution

Google Ads Data Hub enables you to tailor your marketing measurement and analysis based on your own data, whilst maintaining Google's stringent data and privacy policies.

With Ads Data Hub you can overcome the gap between your first-party data and Google's event-level ad campaign data through aggregated user group level data that feeds into your BigQuery project.

Delivered in partnership with our in-house marketing and data science team, Annalect.

Google Ads Data Hub Features

Google Ads Data Hub allows marketers to unlock insights, achieve advanced data-driven outcomes, and realise more effective campaign optimisation. Unlike other data warehousing solutions, Google Ads Data Hub has advanced inbuilt privacy restrictions, which ensure that privacy is maintained whilst enabling greater campaign-level data visibility.

Maintain and respect end-user privacy with advanced checks and other privacy-first features.
In-Country Data Servers
Host your data on servers in Australia, the EU, Japan, or the United States to comply with regulations.
Secure Access To Your Data
Grant access to people in or outside your organisation while maintaining privacy controls.
Holistic Google Campaign View
Ads Data Hub is the only way to access events based on Google IDs and mobile device IDs.
Audience Activation
Perform advanced analyses using Ads Data Hub and build audiences that can be activated using Google advertising products.
First-Party Data Integration & Joining
Use Ads Data Hub to connect data from a connected ID space with offline transaction data and many other sources.
Advanced viewability
Link Google Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 using Ads Data Hub for Active View metrics and advanced viewability measurement in YouTube.

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